I´ll be listening


All we need is love ! And one of the easiest ways help each other switching in the love – mode is to stop judging.

Being a passionate watcher of my surroundings and circumstances, I very rarely find spaces where people can just be as they are.

We all get analyzed and squeezed in boxes all the time, we have to fit in or behave in a certain and expected way.

That´s why I thought it´s time to take some action!

Please feel warmly invited to my „Inspirational Breakfast at Benedict“.

Each Wednesday at 2 pm I will be sitting in this lovely cafe called Benedict-Berlin – looking forward to whoever wants to come and join me.

With this get-to-gether I want to open up a space without expectations and without judgement.

To share and listen to our dreams and hopes and visions. To just be and enjoy ourselves.

So the first meetings were already a great experience and I´m looking forward to the next „Inspirational Breakfasts“.

I´m really sorry that this is obviously mainly for my friends living in Berlin.

But we keep in touch anyway and where ever you are, I hope you find your own free space of judgement.

Much love


P.S.: If you want to join me for the „Inspirational Breakfast“, here´s the adress: Breakfast Benedict-Berlin, Uhlandstr. 49, 10719 Berlin

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