Originally I just wanted to wish you a a peaceful and merry Christmas – but then, I had to write more.

Seeing the terror and agonize in Syria, Aleppo, and elsewhere and the same terror and fear right before our eyes in Berlin. And all that terror creating more hate and anger wherever you look..

It leaves me speechless. I feel a deep compassion and sorrow for all this terrible pain and suffering. But I also feel like waking up from a nightmare, looking around and slowly starting to realize what madness is happening around us! In the wake of terror there is always shock. That moment of wakefulness, where we are extremely alert, very present and aware. It is this kind of present awareness which enables us to see things as they truly are.

Why this is so important? Because a clear and focused view helps us to act with wisdom and out of a deeper knowing and, thus, not to fuel the omnipresent mad and destructive thinking.

If you feel like wanting to open your eyes even more and look behind the scenes of our collective reality I deeply recommend this new documentary „Hypernormalisation“ by british filmmaker Adam Curtis.



I deeply believe that we can change this world for the better.To do this we need visions and ideas and I hope that next year there will open up some room and space for this.

In the chinese horoscope it´ll be the year of the fire rooster. Being a sign of dawn and new beginnings, it hopefully raises further awareness to a deeper truth beyond material matters. Where we can connect with each other without resentments to create a sane world for all of us.

Much love to you! Gabi

Berlin, 21.12. 2016

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